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Meal Payments 


Every student in the district has a meal account. During meal service students are recognized by their personal identification number (student ID) at the cash register. The computer records the meal and deducts the appropriate amount from the student’s account.

There are three acceptable forms of payment for school lunch:

1.    Cash

2.    Money Order 


Cash and/or money order may be brought daily or put on the child’s account at the cafeteria., the on-line prepayment option is encouraged for your children. is available for parents to place money electronically on their child’s account. To create an account you will need the student ID.

 Benefits of

·         You may use a credit card or debit card to put funds on account.

·         You may monitor your child’s daily usage amount and what items they may be purchasing

·         An email reminder may be sent to you when funds on account are below a certain amount to ensure your child does not run out of money.

·         You may setup an automatic payment

You may create an account on even if you do not want to use it as a payment system. It may be utilized strictly to monitor purchases.


ATTENTION PARENTS: Payments made through this third party vendor are completely optional. You may also make payments the traditional way in the cafeteria. There is a small transaction fee per transaction of 4.5% when adding funds to your students account that is assessed for using this service that goes to the third party, Heartland Payment Systems. Any questions concerning may be answered by calling 1-855-832-5226.


Click here for the PARENT REFUND FORM


                                                 *No checks will be accepted for the purchase of school meals.*

Once the student's account is exhausted, the Point of Sale Operator is required to offer the alternate meal to each Full-Price paying students and those students qualifying for Reduced-Price meals without adequate funds to cover the cost of the meal. The alternate meal will consist of Two (2) ounces of Meal/Meat Alternate on Two (2) slices of Whole Wheat Bread served with One (1) carton of Unflavored Skim Milk and One-half (1/2) cup of fruit.

You may view the policy on alternate meals HERE.

The School Nutrition Program (SNP) does not allow students the option to charge Reduced-Price and Paid Meals for breakfast and/or lunch. The program understands the correlation between hunger and its effect on a child’s ability to learn.

 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.